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31 August 2009 @ 07:57 pm
Bad Day today...  

SO. Who wants a life update on me? No one? Peachy. I'll just hide it behind a cut and if anyone cares, they can read it.

My dad has officially ruined my life. Officially. He asked the bitchwhore Darla to be his wife. And now her kids are my step siblings. And I refuse to be at the wedding. After the two of them had an affair and my mother and I had to deal with the fallout, after he refused to pay child and spousal support, after he ruined both my birthday and Christmas, now I have to deal with this? I am so not going. No matter what he says. I'm staying with my mother that night. Or I'll take the drive up to visit Hannah. Or drive down to visit Alyssa. I'll do anything to not be at that wedding.

Not to mention I just had a fight with a friend because I dislike Twilight. With a passion. I never said that I was making fun of her. I just said that I really don't like Twilight, and that I like Underworld's Vampyre/Werewolf dynamic more. But, eh, I felt so bad that now I'm not talking on our personal chat for the rest of the night. I don't want to cause more trouble right now. Seems like the other three girls always agree with each other, and I'm just the odd one out. I like slash, they don't. They like Twilight, I don't. I like Star Trek, they don't. I feel like none of this is working out for me.

Maybe life will perk up tomorrow.
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